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ACHIEVE Veterinary Urgent Care

ACHIEVE Veterinary Urgent Care was birthed to address an underserved area of veterinary medicine for pets in the Washington DC metro area.


Meaning Behind The Name

ACHIEVE: (verb) to successfully bring about or reach a desired result

I wanted a name that I could make into a brand. A name that no one had in the industry and was not named after a street or a particular community. As I shifted through ideas, I had some self-reflection on my own personal wins and losses. I leaned back to when I was a child and noted that I have always been goal-oriented, driven and determined.

It’s a word that has been ingrained into the fabric of my upbringing. It’s a word that has positive attributes and an uplifting spirit. A word that describes drive and determination yet remains focused and calm. A word that can be associated with anything the brand does or plans to do. The word that describes that positive action and mentality is ACHIEVE.

Anytime you ACHIEVE a goal or task… you are reaching for greatness.

-Dr. Stevie Jones, Jr. Founder/ Co-Owner

Core Values

We take responsibility and are entrusted to make the right decisions at all times guided by the best interests of our patients, clients, and colleagues. We provide you with clear & honest communication at all times about your pet’s health. We aim to be open and transparent about the decisions we make and the rationale behind those decisions.

We encourage our employees to continue to grow and learn in their craft. We measure success in the form of having each person achieve their greatest potential professionally and personally. Our vision is for our hospital to grow exponentially with the growth of its team members.

We strive to cultivate an environment where every employee feels welcomed, appreciated, and free to be themselves. We aim to create a workplace where employees are empowered and enabled to do their best work in the interest of the patients. We strongly believe that if we take care of the team, then they will take care of the patients and the pet parents.